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Becky the Fangirl

I think its time for a new meme.

I call it....

The Flavors of Aphros meme.

So a wonderful fragrance has filled the air of... whatever setting you are in. This is really up to you where you meet your partners for this sort of affair. Or is it an ordeal? Whatever you call it you are stuck with it, so you might as well enjoy it no? This beautiful aroma fills you with a fire that can only be solved through release. It does not change who you are, or what you are interested in (for the most part), but your priorities of modesty, hatred, and propriety take a back seat to other needs.

However, the wonderful fragrance you feel as much as you smell or taste does not always smell the same, nor does it work the same. For the sense are funny and unusual things in this regard. Two people in the same room will react differently to the pleasantest of perfumes. Also while the effects last until you are satisfied, the fragrance lasts only a few moments. It should all be rather interesting, wouldn't you say? Now while none of these need to reach a... climax, it is more fun if you go all in. ...So to speak. Take the logs wherever you feel is comfortable.

You should leave the standard intro post, with your Character name, series, orientation, limitations (age up, age similar). You get replies featuring a new playmate with a selection from the forthcoming list. Then you respond with your own muses state of being, also picked from the list. Now, to our list of fragrances, which you can decide by RNG or you can cheat, how you decide is up to you.

  • 01. Roses - Roses are attached to passion and romance, and you too have an affinity for such things now. Not only do you want to ravish them, you want to woo them and make sure they know they are the only one in the world that matters. You want this to be a perfect first time, especially if you have had sex, with them, on many other occasions.

  • 02. Strawberries - Your body has become more... attuned, to everything. Every touch and sensation feeds the fire in your body more than it would normally. You doubt you even need reach the main event to find your release.

  • 03. Apples - While others find intercourse is a means for a deeper connection, you're in a fun playful mood. This is simply about desire to enjoy yourself. Which, yes, you're very horny, but who is to say a casual fling is wrong?

  • 04. Banana - While previous scents are about yourself, this is a desire to do something for your partner, make them blush. To do whatever you can to bring them a little bit of embarrassment, it is for their own good after all. Nobody would know their limits if they were not pushed.

  • 05. Brimstone - This isn't the most appealing smell, but you might like the impact it has. Everyone has a wild beast inside them, that desires all the things to live. Food and Thrills and Sex. This aroma has freed that animal, a gentle touch is far out of your reach now. This will be a rough and wild night to be sure.

  • 06. Foxglove - Like with Brimstone, your inner beast is let loose, but where that is a sex beast, you desire a cunning chase. It is about the teasing and posturing that gets you in the mood for the main event, getting them to come to you. The thrill of the hunt drives you to find someone.

  • 07. Jasmine - A calming fragrance that will bring peace to you heart, however not to other parts of you. Your body still desires the touch of another to be sated, but you can be patient, and let them decide how things go.

  • 08. Bubblegum - You're mind is on fire with images and desires, most of which you can't name. No, you literally can't name them. The idea of suggesting anything you want to do flushes your cheeks and removes all your will. You desperately want to be released but you need someone else to make the moves you wish. Such a cruel empty fragrance, wouldn't you say?

  • 09. Peppermint - While your soul burns with lust your body has grown quite cold, as if you are walking in a blizzard. However this is only in your mind, not your body itself. To others your skin will be quite pleasant to the touch. You however long for heat, and people are the best source for such things, correct?

  • 10. Cinnamon - Your now far more sensitive to the needs of others. Your mind links to your partner and their feelings overshadow your own. If they are not happy you are not happy. If they can't reach their peak you will be in a dire situation indeed. These are of course moments to be shared, right?

  • 11. What Smell..? - Oh what a poor being you are, you are immune to the Aphros in the air. You are entirely yourself as the world goes mad with lust. Of course... this might not be a problem for some out there, who are already mad with lust in one way or another.

  • 12. The Scent is Muddied by Another..? - This is a wild card choice, you might find yourself under the impacts of two flavors at once. If, somehow, one of those two is odorless then you will be under the effects of the other specific flavor AND not on fire with lust as is standard with aphros effects. Your day will certainly have its interesting twists...
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